Presidents Message


                                                                                     In the name of God

The university plays a major and irreplaceable role in the growth and development of the community by promoting competent and educated forces with regards to morality and personality, and creative researchers in terms of science, and also by training the skilled and specialized workforce for various professions amongst the society.

Islamic Azad University, which has been able to assign much greater shares in the higher education system, is the honorable document of the higher education system in the country and is one of the largest scientific and academic centers inside and outside the country.

Today, energetic, active, motivated, intelligent and creative students are truly a treasure. Our duty at the Islamic Azad University is to unveil these treasures and to create opportunities for them to generate wealth from knowledge in various fields of education and specialization, especially in the field of human sciences. In this regard, professors can play a vital role. I do hope you dear students would not underestimate yourself and we, the professors, would make the most of this opportunity to lead the training programs.

The university is obligated to provide scholarly and research-based backgrounds for students and also to offer opportunities to increase their political knowledge and culture and social skills besides educational and research plans.

It is a great pleasure to note that today, the West Tehran Branch has been able to take effective steps for quantitative and qualitative improvement of the education, research, and entrepreneurship and conducting cultural, social, educational and skill-based events, knowledge-based activities, and cooperation agreements based on scientific, educational and technological research and projects with continuous effort and cooperation of its managers, staff, professors, and students relying on the university's superior goals and the mission and vision of the branch.

I do hope with the God’s blessings and the cooperation of my good colleagues, including the deputies, managers, professors and staff of the Islamic Azad University of West Tehran Branch, we can prepare the ground for realizing the valuable, influential and principal university in social evolutions, scientific and cultural development, and promoting the level of specialization and ability of the youth of our country based on the Iranian-Islamic model with the use of the existing facilities and potentials and development of the facilities and unlocking capacities.

Parvin Dadandish

President of West Tehran Branch

Islamic Azad University