In today's world, knowledge is one of the main axes and indicators of the progress and excellence of each society, therefore, the Deputy of Research and Technology is one of the key staff areas of the university. Considering that research and technology is one of the most fundamental indicators of sustainable development and progress in the country, the main mission in research and technology has aimed at the production of science, as well as conducting a research and technology production.

Due to the fact that there has been good progress in the field of discourse in recent years, and now is the time to act and perform, this deputy will set up the promotion of qualitative and quantitative level of research activities in line with the research policies of the country and makes efforts to establish a third and fourth generation university as the "Entrepreneurial University" and "University Affecting Economic Issues and Determining the Country's Policies for the Production of Science for Wealth", establishment of knowledge based enterprises and communicating more with governmental and non-governmental institutions, organizations and companies in the industrial and service sectors to meet the needs of the country.

In addition, with the development of hardware and software infrastructure, it aims at making it possible to use modern IT tools to provide better educational and research services in order to reduce university expenses as well as training costs, especially in distant education systems in order to come the resistance economy into realization.

Today, research and technology play a leading role in building autonomy and sustainable development and prioritize communities in organizational planning, missions, perspectives, goals, strategies, executive policies, and plans. Obviously, the purpose of this approach is to create the fields and facilities that can help us expand the boundaries of the knowledge into modern and advanced technologies to meet new needs and evolutions in the knowledge-based economy with a resistance economy approach and in line with pronounced policies of science and technology by the Supreme Leader.

Despite the necessity to carry out research in the country and its underlying role in the country's scientific development, there are many challenges facing it that do not allow the use of all available research capacities.

Basically, the challenges and problems that research is faced with in Iran are similar to those of all developing countries. Hence, recognizing weaknesses and shortcomings in this field can help increase the depth and accuracy of planners' insights.

As well, policymaking and drafting strategic plans to create the infrastructure of technology and innovation and executive planning, all seem necessary for the deployment and development of new technologies in the form of research projects tailored to the operational needs of the country and the acquisition of a worthy place of science and technology.

Hamidreza Rahimi

Vice President for Research